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Using Cosmetic Clay in Facial Masks

Using cosmetic clays in your facial masks is a great way to get the benefits of natural exfoliation without the risks. The finest clays contain properties that can help regenerate skin tissue and minimize the appearance of scars. You can also incorporate them into DIY soaps and baby powder. They can also be added to bathwater for a mineral-rich soak. Bentonite clay, for example, is great for cleaning oil messes, and Fuller’s earth clay is a wonderful mineral-infused skin mask.

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There are many types of clay. You can choose from mild or mature clay depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, opt for mature clay. All class will have different benefits for your skin. When you use them, always make sure to follow up with a moisturizer. If you are using cosmetic clay for acne-prone skin, you should follow it with a moisturizer. Clay masks are beneficial for people who have dry skin and sensitive skin.

If you suffer from dry scalp, you should avoid always that clean deeply and cause excessive oil to build up. Instead, choose ones that gently cleanse the scalp. The most mild cosmetic clay is kaolin clay. This mineral-rich clay is a great deep-cleansing clay for the scalp. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin and is not a good choice for oily skin. There are a number of other benefits associated with cosmetic clays.

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