How do I bet on roulette to get a profit in every spin?

To make profits out of the roulette game online, one must have strategies in place. Even a novice can lead to maximised profits after understanding the game thoroughly. One should follow more than just every tip given to them. 

Points to Remember Before Choosing a Strategy

  • The game requires a lot of patience initially. One should handle decisions and strategies appropriately. One must focus on the right things and then choose wisely. 
  • One might need to experiment with various strategies before finding the best one. Hence, one should only get disheartened if the methods work initially.
  • There is no 100% way of winning every roulette game. However, one can increase the chances of acquiring profits using different betting odds. 
  • Online roulette real money earning is different from offline mode. The bets placed are more random as set by the bookmaker. Also, one can handle the actions and proceedings of the competitors here.   

Types of Roulette Strategies 

Before discussing the types of strategies, one has to understand their pros and cons. This requires discretion by the player to choose what works best for him. There are majorly two broad types of roulette strategies:

  • Progressive Roulette Strategy 

This means an increment in the bet amount with each round of bets. Even though this is a riskier way of gambling, its profit returns are exponential. One must make sure that they have enough budget to play. This division is comprehensive and inclusive of many different types. Strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alemert come under this Umbrella segregation. 

  • Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

The risk of using this strategy is comparatively lesser. The amount of bet remains the same throughout all the rounds. This type is a good choice for beginners trying their hands on the game. Also, if somebody is tight on finances and doesn’t want to spend much, this strategy will work like magic. 

Factors that Affect the Betting Strategy of Roulette

A player should consider many determining factors to adopt a perfect strategy. 

  • Betting limits

While setting a bet, one must fix the maximum and minimum amount of money to be invested. Also, one should remember that this is extremely important to avoid draining finances. 

  • Roulette game type

Roulette online comes in various formats. Depending upon the player’s efficiency, one must decide which one to play with. For example, the roulette wheel has a green pocket for American and European gameplay. Both of these are marked ‘00’ and provide significant benefits. The only difference here is that one will get 35 times the amount of betted here after passing the eligibility. 


The growing interest of gamers in the world of roulette online is making the competition increase exponentially. Hence, it is even more critical for a player to keep his strategy ready. This is the only way a bettor can hope for profitable betting.

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