Get a Hamster For a Pet

If you are looking to add a little bit of fun to your home, consider getting a hamster for a pet. Hamsters are rodents that are polyestrous and breed year-round. You can learn more about hamsters in our article below. Among the characteristics of hamsters, read about the nocturnal behavior and polyestrous nature. This article also covers the different types of hamsters, including the Syrian hamster.

Hamsters are polyestrous

Hamsters are polyestrous, and their sexual characteristics are similar to those of female mammals. The sex hormone LH is secreted by the ovaries. Hamsters are nocturnal, and ovulation occurs about 12 hours after LH surges. The copulatory plug is a thick, gelatinous creamy substance that appears after mating. The presence of this plug confirms ovulation. Pseudopregnancy can result from infertile mating.

They breed year-round

The breeding season of hamsters is from April to May and lasts through September. During this time, breeding colonies have stable photoperiods of 15-16 hours of light and eight to nine hours of darkness. These photoperiods are ideal for hamster breeding because they closely match the time of year when hamsters breed. During the breeding season, female hamsters are sexually receptive every fourth day and will freeze with their tails in the air when touched.

They are nocturnal

It’s no wonder hamsters are nocturnal. Their eyesight is poor, so they rely on their sense of smell and glands to leave scent trails. During the daytime, hamsters are exposed to daytime predators, and at night, they can be active and social. This helps them stay cool, which makes them preferable for humans. However, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t expose hamsters to extreme heat during the day, or they will be unable to survive.

They are rodents

Hamsters are small mammals in the rodent family Cricetinae. They are a popular small pet, with 19 species and seven genera. The golden hamster is the most well-known species, but there are many other types of hamsters. Syrian hamsters are the most common. Listed below are some of the most common types. Here’s a brief look at each.

They have thick fur

Although some people think hamsters have thick fur, this is not the case. These rodents are actually a mixture of several species. The Winter White hamster is the most common variety, while the Russian Campbell is the most colorful and has the thickest fur. Each variety has distinct differences in eye color and fur, as well as different body shapes. If you see a hamster with an oval-shaped eye, it is likely that it is a hybrid.

They are susceptible to salmonella

Most people think of salmonella infections as a result of contaminated food, but it’s also possible for rodents to get this disease. While salmonella causes short bouts of sickness in healthy adults, it can be extremely harmful to pregnant women and other people with weakened immune systems. Hamsters are vulnerable species. To help prevent salmonella infections, owners should keep their hamsters away from children and young children.

They eat corn

Hamsters can eat corn in moderation, but you should make sure to only feed them a few kernels at a time. You don’t want to give them too much corn as it is difficult to digest and passes through the digestive system intact. Also, make sure that the amount of corn you feed them is just enough to provide enough energy. Corn can make up 10% of the hamster’s diet.

They are escape artists

Hamsters are notorious escape artists. Their flexibility means they can squeeze through small openings to get to higher areas. They are also short-sighted, meaning they can’t see much beyond a few feet. This means they can often fall out of a window, door, or other object. Some hamsters enjoy climbing and jumping, so they can get up on the furniture, even stairs. Keep these safety tips in mind when letting your hamster into your home:

they are a popular pet

Hamsters make a wonderful pet, but be sure you’re prepared for them before purchasing one. Hamsters are active at night, so if you’re a light sleeper or night owl, a hamster may not be the right choice. On the other hand, if you’re a day person who enjoys spending quality time with a pet, a hamster may be the perfect companion for you.

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