Developer’s Guide to Health Connect by Android

Samsung’s Health Connect API supports over 50 different data types, including body measurement, nutrition, activity, sleep, and vitals. Whether you’re looking for an activity tracker that can help you lose weight, or simply want to keep track of your sleep, you can find it here. The Health Connect API also allows you to share your health information with other apps that use it, such as your doctor. The developer’s guide provides a more detailed explanation of the data types supported by Health Connect by Android.

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Samsung and Google are developing the Health Connect platform so that developers can share health data with other apps on the Android platform. This could make life easier for people who use various fitness trackers and smart gear. Since different brands have their own apps, many of them are not designed to talk to one another. This lack of communication can lead to inaccurate data and a distorted view of your health. By connecting all of your fitness gear to the Health Connect platform, you’ll have a consolidated dashboard of your health data.

Samsung and Google have partnered up to create Health Connect, an API for Android developers that allows them to securely sync and share health data with other apps. The API is also open to other developers and makes it easy to manage permissions. As an example, you can see how the Health Connect API works for writing and reading data. A few examples include heart rate and steps. The developers guide is quite comprehensive, and it is worth reading the details carefully to ensure your app is safe.

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